dinsdag 22 september 2015

Second nomination Food Film Festival in Croatia

Tomorrow's Food has been  nominated again at the Kinookus Food Film Festival in Croatia
 Saturday September 6th Tomorrow's Food will be in the running for the  Feature Documentary Film Award.  For this Tomorrow's Food had to be translate to Croatian.  

Kinookus is a food film festival which, in exploring issues of industrial food production and its consequences for the planet, tells the story of “ordinary” men and women who engage their creativity and resourcefulness in trying to overcome the existing, collapsing socio-economic model. The Festival structure (Cinexperience – competition and retrospective, Cinefocus – lectures and meetings, Cinexperiment – educational workshops, Cinelocus – an open-air market for local, traditional and organic products, Unseen - agro-archaeological bike tours) strives to express all the abundance of the story of food as well as different aspects of its profound meaning for the life of mankind.

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