dinsdag 22 september 2015

New Docu Serie a New World

The New World - The New Food afl part one. Pure Media has begun a documentary The New World. Here aspects are treated as New Work, New Media, The New Housing New driving viewers can form an idealistic image of how the world is in about 30-50 years

On September 15 202  we  followed chef and owner Jonathan Karpathios Vork & Mes (Fork and Knife) in Hoofddorp. After a long apprenticeship in various Michelin  star business, (including La Tante Clair *** in England and Merlet * Jonathan Karpathios started in December 2007 his own restaurant. In 2008 he developed his passion for vegetables and every day gets a lot of inspiration from nature. With local sustainable and pure products he creates his three or five course menus which dependent on his environment and what nature offers him.
Saturday go with him back to the local farmers and he shows us how he prepares a menu.

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